History is not just the evolution of technology; it’s about the evolution of thought.

Why Machine Learning?

Welcome to the 21st century. The above-mentioned quote clearly explains the situation of the present world where each and everything is somewhere down the line linked to technology and technology is evolving itself at a great pace. Therefore to do something out of the box and sustain yourself in this competitive world, it’s very much important to sharpen our technical skills which is the need of the hour. Here comes “Machine Learning” which is one of the most salient features of technology nowadays. As we have already explained Machine Learning is, in-depth. Now, a question may arise in your mind: why should we learn Machine Learning? Is it really required in the future? and myriad other questions. Here is the answer: Why Machine Learning?

Plenty of Job Opportunities

Nowadays, you’ve heard the news that big companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple are laying off their employees. According to Data Amazon laid off 18k employees, Google laid off 12k employees and Microsoft laid off 11k employees. Do you really think that these big companies are kicking their employees out just because they have a shortage of money? Absolutely, not the stark reality is these companies require employees who can understand the needs of customers or who can work with the latest technologies. Amidst, Machine Learning is the field in which number of jobs has been increasing in the last few years and keeps on increasing in the future for upcoming decades. As, websites like indeed.com have released a report according to which, Machine Learning Engineers are among the Best jobs in the U.S and show a 34.4% rate of growth which is a bellwether increase. Although Machine Learning jobs have jumped by almost 75% Over the last four years and surely keep on going.

Good Packages To Be Offered

Each and every person in this universe wants to earn good, not only to sustain himself but also his family members too. Hence, it’s very important to invest your money , time, and energy to learn a skill that has good earning opportunities in the future and Machine Learning is one of them . According to a report released by Payscale and Glassdoor, In the US wages for Machine Learning Engineers vary from $76,000 to more than $1,54,000. In India, a fresher Machine Learning Engineer can earn on an average from 6 LPA to 12 LPA, with top-notch Companies even offering more than this amount. NEED OF THE HOUR Machine Learning comes under the umbrella of Artificial Intelligence, opening up numerous utility applications. Some of them have been mentioned below:


A huge perk of Machine Learning is pattern prediction. Catching early signs of cancer and other deadly diseases is possible with Machine Learning. Also, AI barely makes any mistakes, therefore providing appropriate and concise treatment helps patients to recover


Being one of the most popular applications, self-driving vehicles work on the principle of detecting objects and interpreting the best
possible way to get past them and hence make their decision.


Machine Learning helps to monitor the growth and production of crops. Keep in check the mineral and water requirements to ensure
the maximum yield.


Production of a video game usually requires a decent amount of humans and their precious time which can be used elsewhere. Machine Learning helps in the development of these games by handling the modeling and testing of the project.


In today’s economy, Machine Learning is one of the easiest fields to explore due to many reasons. A number of them are mentioned


Python is arguably the most popular programming language as well as the most widely used one. Learning Python not only helps strengthen our perspective of Machine Learning but also enhances our overall programming skills that can be used elsewhere too. Python is easy to read and understand as well as the frameworks and libraries create an ecosystem of its own that makes it interesting to play with the algorithms and bring life to all sorts of projects.


The Internet provides an abundance of material to learn to revise the principles of Machine Learning from beginning to end. Youtube
tutorials, research papers, and paid as well as free courses broaden the domain for the interesting world of Machine Learning.


The community in this field is extremely diverse and supportive. Numerous committees, forums, Reddit communities, and individuals
are ready to help and provide solutions to any query related to Machine Learning. Machine Learning is a complex and diverse domain but totally worth the time and effort. Once the mind is put into it, passion, patience, and perseverance play key roles to conquer this field.

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